Let me tell you a story

No, really, let me tell you a story. A story about you. About your product, mission, & customers.In fact, why stop at telling the story? Let's act it out with a skit or mini film tok.Let's make your unique story knowtoriously memorable.  

Who's knowtoriously?

I created the "Knowtoriously" TikTok account in Dec '20 to share fun facts. Did you know that if you made $200K EVERYDAY for the past 20yrs, you'd still be poorer than Bezos? Or that it was illegal for "ugly" people to seen in public in Chicago until 1974?

9 months in, I wanted to do more for my viewers.I wanted to make someone's day. So I pivoted to story telling and skit creation to provide relief to someone's day. I've been able to create much more engaging content since and I kept the name "Knowtoriously" becauseit's cool :)

I combine my content creation skills with my professional experience in the marketing & hospitality industries to ensure your brand successfully engages with viewers in a memorable manner. I'd love to partner with brands seeking multiple contents, but open to discussing a variety of your campaign needs.


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